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I Never Thought Valor Would Be So Scary

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Name:Simon Asher
Name: Simon Asher
Aliases: Simon Reese
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Fluid
Religion: Conservative Jewish
Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Norwegian, Sumarian, and Latin
Occupation: FBI Agent
Canon/OC: Canon
Fandom: Quantico/Black Tapes crossover

Bio: Simon Asher was born in Israel where he was a soldier in the Israeli Defense Force. After a scandal in Gaza revolving around him impregnating a Muslim woman, he faked his death and came to America in order to forget about what he had done. After working as an accountant for two years, he got recruited by the FBI, who found out about his past. After the terrorism scandal and saving DC from the bomb that Liam had rigged, Simon went into hiding, having faked his own death again. Unfortunately, the FBI found him again. He is currently undercover as Simon Reese, a previously mute man who hears voices who killed his family and was placed in an insane asylum. Simon Reese has an obsession with ancient numerology and believes it can be used to open a portal. He is working on a case involving a demonic cult sacrificing children and he found out more information about it, which led to his superior pulling him from the asylum in a staged "escape". While "on the run", Simon keeps in contact with a podcast host known as Alex Reagan.

Personality: Simon is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Everything about him is mysterious. His personality can fluctuate depending on who he is undercover as. No one really knows who the real Simon Asher is, but he is caring, compassionate, a human rights advocate and a computer nerd with hacking skills.

Interests (7):

accounting, ancient numerology, ancient sumarian numerology, computers, hacking, linguistics, tea
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